Dr Antonia Tzanavara
Dr Antonia Tzanavara
Archaeologist - Historian of Art / PHD in Museology
Director of the Public Art Gallery of Corinth
Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs at the Municipal Cultural Centre of Corinth

  • She graduated from Athens University, Department of Philosophy, Faculty of History and Archeology, majoring "Archeology and History of Art" (1993)
  • She completed a program of specialization in "Museum Education" at the Open Institution of Education in Athens (2006)
  • She completed a postgraduate training program with specialization in "Development of Cultural Activities" at the Center of Professional Education of the National Capodistrian University of Athens with cognitive subjects: Administration and Organization of Festivals, Culture and Education, Administration and Organization of Cultural Institutions and Enterprising in the field of Culture (2010)
  • She was awarded her PHD from the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication at the Aegean University, majoring Museology. Title of the thesis "Museum and Disabled people. Accessibility - Education - Social Integration" (2013)
  • She completed with scholarship of excellence an MA in "Administration of Cultural Institutions" at the Hellenic Open University of Patras (2014)

  • For the past 16 years she has been working as Director at the Municipal Art Gallery of Corinth
  • Since 2012 she is Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs at the Municipal Cultural Centre of Corinth
  • In 1995 she worked as Archaeologist of Excavations at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth - LZ' Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

  • In 1997 she worked as trainer in a program of professional education of unemployed people in "Reconstruction and Conservation of Archeological Monuments", organized by the Prefecture of Corinthia
  • February 2002 - January 2005: She worked as Professor at the Public Institution of Professional Education (Ministry of Education) in Corinth, teaching History of Art and Museology in the departments of Interior Design and Safeguards of Archaeological Sites and Museums
  • In 2006 she taught the subject of "Organization of Festival and Cultural Activities" in a program of professional education of unemployed people
  • February 2006 - April 2008: She worked as Professor at the Institution of LifeLong Learning (Ministry of Education) in Corinth, teaching History of Art, Museology, Local History, Cultural Tourism, Folklore and Traditional History, Theory of Arts(e.g. painting, sculpture, gravure, artifacts, photography)

Foreign languages
  • Excellent knowledge of English (PROFICIENCY diploma)
  • Excellent knowledge of French (Superieur 3 diploma)
  • Good knowledge of Italian (Medio diploma)

Lifelong education

She attended the following artistic - cultural seminars of lifelong Education (organized by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs, Greek Universities and other Public Services)

Artistic Expression and Creation in School (17/02/2005- 20/02/2005)
The Theatre as formal and informal Education: theory and practice (11/03/2006)
Museums and Local Communities (03/04/2006 - 07/04/2006)
The psychological and emotional health in the school environment (07/04/2006 - 08/04/2006)
Lifelong Education in Museums and Libraries (13/10/2006)
Organization of Cultural Activities (31/10/2006 - 03/11/2006)
The pedagogical value of Drama in museums (28/02/2007)
The fairytales as medium for the development of human values (08/11/2008)
When the children meet the Arts! (13/03/200)
An Introduction to the theatrical play for children: methodology, structure and function (03/02/2010)
Education of Trainers and Staff working with unprivileged social groups ( 19/06-04/07/2010)

Participation in conferences

During her professional career, she presented several scientific reports, papers and articles in scientific journals and conferences and she participated in research activities. Her research interests are Cultural Organizations Management, Museum Education and Communication, History of Art, New Technologies in Museums in the Service of Cultural Heritage, Museum Accessibility, Museum and Disability, Museums and Local communities.

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