Photographic Art (Lectures and Workshops)
This course is designed to expand the understanding of the theoretical and technical aspects of the photographic Art in the areas of Archeological photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, night photography through a unique prism of the Greek culture and history.

Course topics include:

Archeological Photography

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Lecture (3 hours)

- Introduction to the techniques that Archeologists and archeological photographers use to document finds and relics in active archeological excavation sites and also in a museum environment.

-The creative Archeological photography and how it has evolved throughout time, "a timeline".

Workshop (3 hours)

Ancient Corinth: one of the most important cities of the ancient world (the workshop will take place inside the archaeological site and museum).

Landscape photography and documentation of the sea. (thalassography)

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Lecture (3 hours)

-Exploring the Greek land and sea through the lens.
-Essential landscape photographic techniques.
-Landscape photographic composition.
-Presentation of the Greek seaside and how to approach it.

Workshop (3 hours)

Vouliagmeni lake and Temple of Hera, (Hereon).

We the Greeks / The notable Greeks

Lecture (3 hours)

-Greek Masters of photography.
-The Greek culture documented in photography.
-Documentary and portrait photography.

Night photography

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Lecture (2 hours)

-Documenting the urban landscape of the city of Corinth at night.

Workshop (2 hours)

- Night photography of the Isthmus (canal) of Corinth
- Night photography walks of the city of Corinth focusing on long exposure techniques.

*An optional 2 hour lecture on the basic techniques of photography will be available for beginners.
**DSLR Cameras, tripods and other photographic equipment are required (equipment will be available for rent for those which do not possess their own).

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