Socrates Lampropoulos
Socrates Lampropoulos
Painter - Director MA/BA
Head Master of Global arts Studios

Socrates Lampropoulos was born in Athens in 1979 and grew up in Korinthos. He has been involved in the art studies systematically since 1995.
He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees with distinction by Middlesex University of London.

He has also attended for 5 semesters the classes of the Stage-design School of the Theatrical Studies Department, University of Athens.

In 2003, he founded along with Giorgos Lampropoulos, Helen Petropoulos and John Moutsos the art company "Global arts" and created the shows "Global ballet & concert" in 2003, "The history of the Olympic Games" in 2004 and "Modern city" in 2005-2006. During the same period he stage-designed the Oscar Wilde's theatrical piece "The importance of being earnest", directed by Diomedes Fotiades, in Athens 2003. In 2007, he directed Albert Camus' "The misunderstanding", in a version by John Thevaios. In 2009, he directed the ballet "Romeo & Juliet", in Sergei Prokofiev's setting.

In 2006, Socrates created the Independent Art Studies Studios "Global Arts" in Korinthos where he teaches the free-hand drawing lesson up until today.

During the period of 2007-2010 he had remained as a regular member of the board of the Cultural Center of Municipality of Korinthos. He is also a member of the Korinthian Union's board of directors.

Socrates has participated in several exhibitions, he has elaborated many research projects in the fields of conjectural, theatrical and stage-design arts and he has participated in various conventions as an organizer or an author.

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